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We are The "SAY CHEESE" Photographers

In the few years we’ve been involved with photography, we’ve learned to appreciate all the small things that make up a beautiful event.
Through the lens we capture special moments with true emotion and translate them into art. These are the moments people will treasure forever
We capture those little moments that are special to you. True interactions, true emotions - your images will tell the story of you.
Story telling is at the heart of good photography.

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Photography enables us to freeze time so that we can share our moments of joy with others. There is nothing more interesting to capture than the candid moments one observes within any occasion.


Video offers an unrivalled way to document unique moments in time. Other media can describe or hint at motion, but only video can really show it. We create stunning visual effects and motion graphics by discovering hidden appeals.


Retouching is a highly professional job that makes any photo look better than it did before. It makes them look strikingly better with adjustments in brightness and contrast, sharpening, a colour change, etc.

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Customer Testimonials

The pictures above says it all about his best skills. I can truly say he’s a dedicated photographer, who has captured the best candid moments of my wedding event, that speaks for a life long time. Cheers to Say Cheese!!Kamalesh + Sinduja
Something which is very special in this photography is that “Right Frame”. In most of his photos there is less of postproduction since the frame is rite by itself…We see true emotions captured in candid style and not just posing…Umesh + Sadhana
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